2019 BeiJing Bus & Truck Exhibition

LTIME   2019-06-19


2019 BeiJing International Road Transport, Urban Bus and Parts Exhibition has closed on 31th of May in BeiJing ShunYi district international exhibition centre (new hall).

As a professional one-stop vehicle entertainment system solution provider, we focus on our latest wireless onboard entertainment cloud system (BCES), which can support up to 100 passengers to browse internet or watch movies or listen music or play games etc with their own smart phones (tablets) or with our customized terminals at the same time without interference against each other. Our BCES is very suitable for high-speed trains, passengers coaches and tourist buses, which will offer you a great possibility to improve passengers travel convenience & satisfaction.

During the exhibition, we received customers from domestic traditional long-distance passenger transport, tourist passenger transport, bus manufacturing and bus refitting industries and enterprises, as well as professional buyers from overseas markets such as Russia and Europe. They gathered at LTIME booth to know more about our product features, put forward their own needs, and jointly explore the bright future. 

Our goal is "Either be the first, or be the best!"

We are committed to provide a better onboard entertainment, monitoring and management solution for our global users!